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Training, Facilitation and Team development

Training and Workshops Facilitated

All our work can be done through Face to Face sessions or online platforms such as SKYPE, ZOOM, MICROSOFT TEAMS, GO TO MEETINGS or your organisation's internal online platforms. We also offer E-training courses.

Leadership Bootcamp
Hone your leadership skills with this practical workshop that will equip you with the practical tools to help you refine the way you manage your team and their tasks. You will build stronger leadership muscles to help you build team loyalty, reduce staff turnover and increase the productivity of your
team and organisation. You will get to see what your strengths are/Identify areas you need to brush up on and put together critical action plans. Covers: What is leadership, Emotional intelligence, Mature leadership, Flexible leadership, Self motivation, Strategic planning, Delegation, Diversity
management & Coaching for transformational leadership.


Customer service (Also available on E-training)

Relevant training empowers staff to engage with customers in a professional manner and handle situations competently.

The following will be covered: What is customer service? Customer Behaviour, Problems with customer service, Difference between poor service & good service, Processing a call: Answering the call, The Conversation & Ending the call, ABLE service, Types of customers and how to work with them & Body language and it's impact on service.

Diversity Management

We live and work in a diverse society with people who are vastly different to us in personality, gender,
culture, race etc. Finding common ground, re-engaging and gaining perspective is vital to creating a
healthy and productive environment. Guide process through thought provoking sessions, identify
personal and team areas of growth and how to engage better.

Professional Responsibility and personal leadership

Create a sense of ownership and accountability for the work that they do. Help staff to see their work
as more than just a job and create a sense of self-motivation. Know the processes involved in performing duties efficiently and smoothly by looking at Time Management, Professionalism and Stress Management.


Profiling the Customer, Finding the ‘Pain-Points’, Know the Features and Advantages, and partnering
with clients. Done in partnership with The Peer Group.

Work Readiness Programme

This programme enables employees to be better prepared, so that they can have a smoother transition in their work, understand the expectations of a work place and be equipped with the tools to assimilate easier with their colleagues and tasks. 

Team Building 

Working in a team can be a challenge with mixed and sometimes clashing personalities, but if well directed we can all fit in like pieces in a puzzle. In order to grow and become an effective team member, we need to learn to engage with the input in a meaningful and productive way in order to be enriched and to enrich others. 


Team fluidity: Building a bridge across differences to create a powerful team.  Team strengths and weaknesses, leveraging them towards a stronger connected team.  Working through diversity.

Listening:  Opening your eyes to what your environment has to offer and making it work for you.

Ownership: Turning work into something more than a job...From workers to intrapreneurs.

Strategic planning workshops: Goals, Reality, Options and Way forward considering your vision, time, people, resources and barriers.


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