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Strategy & Strategic Planning

Strategy & Strategic planning is creating a roadmap to your particular destination

for your Start-up or established organization, from vision to your activities and

goals that are in line with your vision.

In a roadmap, you have a starting point, which is your now, and you have

your destination, which is where you want to be.  When travelling on a

journey, a good driver will have a solid plan in place to ensure that they don't:

  1. Run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere,

  2. Falling asleep on the wheel because they did not account for how long the journey will take and have no stopover budget 

  3. End up with a broken down car due to failing to get it services

  4. Have car fights with the family because you forgot to bring games, food and music to help manage all the personalities stuck in a box for hours

  5. Or even something as small as forgetting that there are toll gates along the way

Sometimes starting something, managing a business or department can be a daunting task as we don't know where to start, what & who we need to

focus on, and what we need to get to where we want to go successfully.


We will help you:

  • Assess and think through your Visions, Activities, Resources, Materials in order to ensure you have planned for all your operational needs.

  • Where you are in relation to where you want to go.

  • What you will need to have in place to get there.

  • Helping you create and keep track of achievable milestones.

  • Thinking creatively about how to improve existing strategies.

  • Put together a Business Plan


We will assess at your business or departmental strategic needs through the eyes of the GROW strategy by looking at your Goals, the Reality of your situation, the Options available and the best Way forward (Solutions) whilst keeping your vision, time, barriers and resources in mind.


Contact us for a free introduction session to discuss your needs...

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