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Strategy and strategic planning

We work with organisations and entrepreneurs to build a solid foundation for their business whether you are starting up, growing or restructuring.  Minimise what is limiting or hindering your business activities.  Get a headstart in thinking through every aspect of your business before you begin or improve what you do. Read more...

Dialogue management and Mediation facilitation

Prevent and resolve challenges or conflicts speedily as well as cost effectively through our Mediation services.  We deal with individuals, teams and organisations.  Read more about our mediation services...

Training, Facilitation and Team development

As human beings, we evolve and grow with time.  It is not in our nature to remain stagnant.  We learn from our environment and adjust to it's feedback on a day to day basis.  We offer training programs for staff and leaders as well as team development. Read more...



Knowledge is power and coaching is a great way to gain powerful knowledge about yourself and your goals so you can be empowered to excel in your goals, dreams, vision and plans.  Find out more about our coaching services...


All of the above offerings can be provided through online platforms such as SKYPE, ZOOM, MICROSOFT TEAMS, GO TO MEETINGS or your organisation's internal online platforms.  We also offer E-TRAINING where you and your staff can get training on various topics through online training services.  Find out more about our E-Session services...


The reason we exist is because we are passionate about helping you achieve your goals. We help our clients, businesses and individuals alike, discover areas lacking in productivity or areas that you want to work on, improve or be challenged to grow in, and facilitate the process of getting to your destination...helping you gain perspective and focus.

Analysis when asked for occurs through surveys, interviews, observation and group discussions.


We will put together a survey and distribute it to the necessary network to obtain the information required, compile the data and send it to you in a report.  This is a valuable tool for getting feedback from your clients, staff, potential customers, knowledge owners about your products (old & new), services, organisational culture/climate & activities.


Interviews and group discussions are recorded and a summary of the responses received is put in a report for the client.


Research can help you by:

  • Getting feedback on a service you are providing or product you are selling.

  • Finding out if there is a market for a product or service you want to provide.

  • Getting information or opinions about a particular topic of interest to your organisation. 

  • Getting to know and understand your market.

All our work can be done through Face to Face sessions or online platforms such as SKYPE, ZOOM, MICROSOFT TEAMS, GO TO MEETINGS or your organisation's internal online platforms.

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