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Dialogue management and Mediation


Mediation is when two or more parties, through an objective external third party, resolve a disagreement.  The agreement is navigated and negotiated through the mediation, with the parties having the ability to agree to the terms or not.  

Confidentiality is key to the process and due to it's non-threatening and 

informal setting, it allows for creative dispute resolution.

Most of the time what is lost in inadequate conflict resolution is damaged

relationships whether it’s personal, commercial, community and national,

as well as lost time, financial resources, relationships, trust and your own personal well-being.  Restorative conflict resolutions brings a close to disputes in a manner that builds instead of one that destroys especially where relationships are important to parties.

Dialogue management: Create space for difficult dialogue in organisations
We aid in creating a safe space to have dialogue between individuals, teams and organisations. Create better understanding, reconciliation, transformation and better ways of working together.  We specialize in managing the process of having those tough conversations. Bring understanding and alignment to company, culture, build relationships and trust. Be an organisation that knows how to handle feedback proactively with specified outcomes.



Through our Mediation services, we offer you the ability to:

  • Conflict prevention in an organisation to engage parties in stopping small issues from becoming major conflict

  • Prepare for conflict resolution sessions through strategic negotiation planning sessions (We of course, cannot be the Mediator in this case)

  • Mediate conflict resolution sessions (Resolve conflict between parties) for Commercial disputes and Family disagreements.

Reduce costs, resolve conflict expeditiously and save relationships through an efficient and effective Mediation solution.

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